Amadi Williams - FOUNDER 

         Amadi Williams is a multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn NY, who loves to skate and dance. Through her art, she explores giving a voice to the silenced and brings attention to social justice issues. Her

work always has a message behind it, helping to stir the audience

to expand their awareness, shift their perception, and even

advocate for the issues she explores. 

           Following her experience at the Oxbow School this past

year, her work has taken on a social justice narrative and

created opportunities for Amadi to work outside her main

medium, painting. She began to look to art as a form of self expression. She then started to create pieces stemming from

personal experiences and issues that affect her directly, she dives

into Black culture and the experiences she has as a black gay woman

in America. 

       Through self discovery, she began researching and studying 

unique ways to communicate within pieces and to generate diverse meanings. Her mixed media artworks demonstrate the importance of looking beyond our own subjective limits and tell an intimate story about the effects of global cultural interaction. Amadi’s art challenges the eurocentric-binary. With a focus on current issues, her pieces attempt to highlight minority groups that are overlooked and underrepresented within the media. 

        With a strong influence from artists such as Barkley L. Hendricks and Njideka Akunyili Crosby, her works break down stereotypes about appearance in the context of contemporary visual culture pushing for non-traditional representations and ideas.  Amadi’s in-depth research of her subject is reflected in each stroke of her brush. 

        Her work has been exhibited in multiple galleries since her first in 2012. She has also held multiple solo installations throughout 2020.  She’s planning to do public installations throughout New York City as the year progresses.