Meaningful Voices is a website created to spread awareness around the disproportionate rate of missing black women and girls, and women of color at large.  This was created to highlight the injustice within the laws and legislations in the United States, that are created to benefit one specific racial demographic. Through sharing this information, I hope to generate the appropriate motivation to find these missing black youth and motivate others to demand equality in the criminal defense system. There are thousands of children that go missing each year and thousands of families that are wishful for their children’s return. 

                  Why did I decide to speak out about this? It could be me or one of my friends.  This occurred to me one day when I was getting off the subway near my house in New York City. A middle-aged black man handed me a flyer with a girl who could have been me. She was a freshman at Brooklyn Tech and had gone missing. Once receiving this flyer I couldn’t help but think about how close this subject is to me. It made me realize how this is present in almost every young woman of color’s life. Regardless of where she lives. My parents have armed me with wise words and advice for when on the street but that can’t stop all the other young women being taken every year. When looking at statistics, all I could think about was the likelihood of my family getting the appropriate resources and help if I were to go missing. 

                 My hope for this website is for it to serve as an unconventional way for people to be educated on an important cause that affects thousands of Americans yearly. I see this as the necessary information to educate the public and the only way for this cause to get a voice. This is meant to highlight injustice throughout history up until today.

Amadi Williams - FOUNDER 

               Amadi Williams is a multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn NY, who loves to skate and dance. Through her art she explores giving a voice to the silenced and bringing attention to social justice issues. Her work always has a message behind it, helping to stir the audience to advocate for the issues she discusses. She currently attends Oxbow School and intends to graduate from Packer Collegiate Institute this coming year.